A Day in the Life — George and Melou

George and Melou moved to Kendal at Lexington in September 2017 from their nearby home on Ross Road in Lexington. During their time there, they literally watched Kendal being built from the ground up! After 30 plus years of working at VMI (George is Professor Emeritus of Mathematics and Computer Science), he and Melou (former dietician, supermom, retailer & teacher) decided to join Kendal when their beautiful Sycamore cottage became available.

George and Melou Piegaris on golf course

Now that they have been residents for nearly one and a half years, what is a typical day like for them? Well, no one day is like another!

Mornings—Many mornings George walks over to eat breakfast while Melou uses the fitness center. They both like the Stretch & Strength class. George also eats with his breakfast club once a month, called “ROMEO” (Retired Old Men Eating Out). Melou occasionally works over holiday time frames at the local chocolatier in town. She also meets with a birthday breakfast club once a month.

Afternoons—Both George and Melou play golf frequently at a neighboring country club, and Melou plays bridge regularly both at Kendal and with other friends. Melou volunteers on Mondays at Community Table hostessing and waiting tables (she likes to always be moving). They are both involved in several Kendal committees; George is on both the Philanthropy and Projection Committees, in addition to being on the Board of Trustees at VMI, and the Board of the Rockbridge Ballet. Melou is on the Culture & Education Committee and belongs to the Rockbridge Pieceworkers Quilt Guild. They also love to walk and read together.

Evenings—George and Melou are extremely active in attending VMI sports events; they attend and support all basketball games and wrestling matches, among other seasonal sports. They host the basketball team for a Christmas dinner every year and have multiple VMI cadets visit on the weekends. They love the movies and evening events at Kendal, and really enjoy Restaurant evenings with fellow residents and friends. They both agree The Restaurant is a beautiful focal point for gathering.

George and Melou have so many wonderful things to add about how much they love their life at Kendal. They both say, “The staff is excellent; the dining staff, housekeeping and maintenance…they are all so helpful, pleasant and always have a smile for us.” They love the variety of opportunities at Kendal, with the movies, Kendal College and the varied outings that are available. They both love the beauty of the grounds and are very good natured about the construction, knowing they will see a beautiful finish at its conclusion.