Wi-Fi Coming to All Residential Living

At the March Residents Association meeting, IT Director Mark Christensen announced the pending rollout of a new campus-wide WiFi network.  In an interview, Mark highlighted some of the important details:

  • When fully installed, this new amenity will provide superior connectivity and security across the entire campus, including all apartments and cluster cottages, as well as Sycamore Lane and Sunrise Ridge residences. Sunnyside House will continue separately with the Kendal Guest network.
  • Connection speed will be equal to or better than on Kendal Guest as well as other locally available ISPs (Internet Service Providers.)
  • The new system will include comprehensive security to assure user privacy, with each resident’s IP address completely independent of any neighbor’s. No unintended printing of your confidential document on someone else’s printer.
  • In addition, the new WiFi service is designed to accommodate future needs as wider connectivity, such as the ‘Internet of Things’, and increased ‘streaming video’, evolves.
  • The launch strategy is to complete system testing in March, and begin gradual rollout in April and May.
  • This optional included amenity will enable residents to replace their ISP – one less bill to pay.
  • Look for full details about technical features in a future Connections

Training sessions and house calls by the IT staff and the Resident User Group (RUG) will assist as we transition to the new service

By Resident John South (originally published in the April 2019 CONNECTIONS Resident Newsletter)