Expansion and Renovation Project Update for April 2019

What an impact a month filled with sunny days has had on the Kendal at Lexington expansion and renovation project!  The cottages continue to pop up on the horizon.  It is expected that all thirty will be available for occupancy by mid-March, 2020, with the first group to be ready in September, 2019.  And, as previously reported, all  thirty have been reserved.

One of the additions to the Borden Center is under roof and the footers for the second addition have been poured.  Twenty-four Borden residents find themselves in cheery, newly-renovated rooms.  Progress has been made relocating the infrastructure in front of the Webster Center to accommodate its expansion.  Work on the new entry to Webster is well underway.

Site work and preparation for the eagerly anticipated Anderson dining expansion is rapidly approaching.  As there is no easy access to the area, the work crews will have to create an access route down the middle of the courtyard separating the north and south apartment building wings.  Unfortunately, this access route will go right through the middle of the garden that is so lovingly maintained by Kendal residents.  But take heart!  A new garden will be designed to take its place.  As the interior of the main dining area is being refurbished, arrangements have been made to serve meals and refreshments to residents in Kendal Hall.  The Restaurant will not be affected by the renovation and will be open to residents throughout the renovation for their continued enjoyment.  When work begins in the courtyard, all vehicles will continue to enter and exit via Kendal Drive.

Looking down the road, as the project nears completion and the sediment basins have been converted into permanent detention ponds, the site will be contoured to more-closely reflect the surrounding farmland.  The area will be reseeded, and trees and shrubs will be planted.  Prior to reseeding, the topsoil that was removed and retained at the start of the project will be redistributed across the site.  The traditional Kendal walking paths will return along with new ones that will be created in the area behind the Sycamore Lane cottages.  Benches will be relocated along the paths with the hope that both our residents and neighbors will continue to enjoy the beautiful vistas that surround Kendal.

View recent drone footage by clicking here.

Mina Tepper, Executive Director (originally published in the April 2019 CONNECTIONS Residnet Newsletter)