Sylvia and Astrid in 'The Restaurant'

Published March 2019 in CONNECTIONS

By Resident Kay Quirk —

Having taken note of the beautiful art exhibit currently in The Restaurant, I wanted to know more about Sylvia and Astrid, the artists whose work is now on display there; thus the genesis of this article.

Sylvia Gibb's oil painting of a sunset over waterSylvia Gibb’s oil painting is first encountered on the wall to the left of the main door into the room.  Take time to look and, if the door is open, just pull it closed a bit. It is my favorite, a gorgeous sunset over water. Walking through The Restaurant, you will note that Sylvia is drawn to water and fascinated by it in all forms. The exception is the diptych (pair) in the Alcove. This lovely painting is the view from her front porch. The Restaurant Art Committee would welcome contributions for its possible purchase.

Astrid Tuttle is the other featured artist. Her works are the beautiful and mysterious landscapes in the main room. Her medium is acrylic mixed with cold wax and oil. She sketches a scene and takes a photo, returning to her studio to create the luscious painting. I think they can draw one in, if one stands and looks for a while. She considers them to be contemporary, full of feeling, rather than realism.

Astrid worked for 30 years in computers at Dupont. Upon retiring, she signed up for weekend classes and workshops at the Beverly Street Studio School in Staunton with Ron Boehmer, who she says is a great teacher. They have done a lot of plein air work on small canvas, but she works on a much larger one both in the school and at home. She too has a separate studio and shows regularly.  Both Ingrid and Astrid say that is what drives an artist—a deadline. Both artists are in the CoArt Gallery on Beverly Street in Staunton as well as the Studio School.