A Day in the Life - Uncas

When Andrew “Uncas” McThenia moved to Kendal at Lexington about a year ago he wasn’t sure what a typical day would be like for him. He has settled into a daily routine and believes moving to Kendal at Lexington has been one of the best decisions in his very accomplished life.

What does a typical day look like for Uncas?

5:00 or 5:30 a.m.: Goes to our “beautiful” fitness center and usually swims for 30 minutes, followed by at least 40 minutes of Yoga.

7:00 or 8:00 a.m.: Enjoys yogurt and granola in his apartment. His 886 square foot one bedroom plus den apartment suits his lifestyle well.

Mid-morning: Reads and sometimes does some meditative writing.

12:00 noon: Meets up with his “incredible” group of friends in the Dining Room for lunch. He’s watching his weight, so many days he has soup & a salad, but is often tempted by the hot buffet offerings. Among his lunch companions is 91 year old Louise, who he says is “the wisest person I’ve ever met.”

Mid-afternoon: Walks, bikes or reads during the afternoon hours. When his special friend, Sudy, is visiting from South Carolina, they typically spend their afternoons out and about in the county taking photos. Sudy is an accomplished artist with many paintings on display at Kendal of Lexington, and the beautiful scenery in Rockbridge County serves as a great resource for her.

6:00 or thereafter: Eats a light meal in his apartment, or he eats with a friend. His “dear, dear” friend Maury often invites Uncas to his cottage for a meal. Uncas has discovered the unexpected delight of having other single friends (he has been a widower for about 4 years) who like to explore the area and like to engage in intellectual discussions with him. Even though he has lived in Lexington most of his adult life and had a wide circle of friends, he feels very blessed by the new friends he has made since moving to Kendal.