Get To Know Kendal

Current Kendal Residents were recently asked, “If someone was considering a move to Kendal, what would you want them to know?”

The quotes provided here are responses received; and there was clear consensus. Kendal is a friendly, engaged, and safe community where residents become like family. “Kendal cares.”

It’s a Consensus: Kendal is an Ideal Community

“Friendly.” “Safe.” “Like family.”

The marketing team recently polled current residents and asked them one question. With over 100 responses, overwhelmingly the top answers to the question, “If someone was considering a move to Kendal, what would you want them to know?” where positive and undeniably enthusiastic!


Many of the survey responses named the friendliness of both residents and staff as a benefit of living at Kendal. The welcoming environment to new residents was mentioned as well as the lasting friendships forged among the community. As one responded shared, “The real-ness” of the friendships you’ve made.”

That friendliness extends to the activities and connection that many report as one of the best perks of living at Kendal. Even during restrictions due to the pandemic, residents were able to stay connected with each other and with staff.


Whether it’s feeling safe on campus or the fact that support staff are nearby, safety was another top response. Again, friendliness was mentioned as a key component of a supportive environment and the peace of mind for adult children knowing their aging parents are well take care of through the stages of aging.

Others mentioned the physical safety of living in a campus-like community with support services on site.

Like Family:

The combination of both the friendly atmosphere are the security of living in a retirement community like Kendal was the reason many respondents mentioned “Like family.” Community, inclusivity, and connection were included as other reasons for the connection many residents feel with each other and with the staff.

While these were the overwhelming answers, the location and the operations of Kendal were also mentioned.

Located in a picturesque part of the Shenandoah Valley with access to a vibrant community with two colleges and many social activities was another compelling reason to choose Kendal.  

The staff and operation of Kendal was also a popular response, whether it’s the availability of continuing care through the aging process, or the involvement of staff in working with residents to ensure everyday living needs are met and the quick response to the pandemic were mentioned.

As one respondent said, “Kendal cares.”