Kendal at Lexington Accorded Highest Honors for Resident Satisfaction

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Holleran Consulting, a firm that specializes in conducting resident satisfaction surveys for Life Plan Communities, has awarded Kendal at Lexington its Highest Honors “in recognition of … outstanding efforts in providing the highest levels of service to [its] residents.”

Holleran’s award citation congratulates Kendal at Lexington for “achieving scores that exceed the 90th percentile and are significantly above our National Benchmark for Independent Living,” including the following Overall Satisfaction factors:

  • Kendal at Lexington’s fulfillment of its Mission Statement.
  • Overall satisfaction with Kendal at Lexington.
  • Long-term confidence in Kendal at Lexington’s future.

In addition to top Overall Satisfaction scores, Holleran noted that the following Independent Living survey factors achieved Highest Honors for Kendal at Lexington.

Administration/Management, including fulfillment of original residence and care agreement, fulfillment of expectations as promoted by marketing, quality of the Billing Department, accessibility of the Executive Director, fairness in administration of policies, and opportunity for resident input.

Community Life, including friendliness/courtesy of staff and quality of fitness center/wellness center and program.