Knowing Rockbridge: Connecting the History, and Culture of our Home

Wednesday, January 1st, 2020, 12:00am - Thursday, December 31st, 2020, 12:00am

Kendal at Lexington

A series of once-a-month programs and trips sponsored by the Culture and Entertainment Committee in 2020.

With many new residents moving to Kendal, a theme of programs “Knowing Rockbridge: Connecting the History and Culture of our Home” seems like a good way for the new folks — indeed all of us — to get to know more about this lovely and interesting place where we live,

There are many museums in our Rockbridge area, with at least five museums in the City of Lexington open most of the time, and even more if one includes places like The Miller’s House which is open certain hours on weekends. All tell the story of our area. Each month during the new year, we’ll have talk about an individual museum or attraction with follow up visits to the various sites.

To kick off the theme occurred on Wednesday, January 15th at 3:00, we’ll have a panel with three experts involved in the museums in the city: Lynn Rainville, the newly appointed Director of Institutional History at Washington & Lee University; Keith Gibson, Director of Museums at Virginia Military Institute and Eric Wilson, Executive Director of the Rockbridge Historical Society which operates the Campbell House. All three are involved in the gathering and telling the story of the people and places and institutions in our area.

At their panel discussion they’ll talk about some of the following questions: “Why preserve the stories of the past? Why does it matter? How do we go about finding out about the past? What was/is the context of an event or beginning of a place? Who are some of the people who came together to collect the stories of our past? How does a museum begin?