Who is Moving to the New Sunrise Ridge Cottages?

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“Sunrise Ridge is perfect for us,” said Lynda Fox. The personalized brand new home, flexibility, beautiful location, and availability are just a few of the reasons Lynda and her husband Tom listed as why they can’t wait to move to Kendal at Lexington. When the new Sunrise Ridge cottages are completed, the Foxes will be joining the senior living community from their South Carolina home near the beach.

Kendal at Lexington is currently constructing 30 new cottages on Sunrise Ridge, which will increase the number of residential independent living options by 25%. According to Kendal’s Marketing Director Jessica Buhler, “The community has been at 100% occupancy for some time now, and this expansion offers those interested in living at Kendal a perfect opportunity to move to beautiful homes that they can customize to match their needs and wants. All residents will also be able to take advantage of the state of the art renovations planned for the Borden Health Center, Webster Assisted Living, and the main dining room.”

Lynda, a retired veterinarian who loves horse riding, and Tom, a university professor emeritus in biology, felt that Kendal met all of their needs. Linda stated, “The atmosphere of Kendal is one of energy combined with tranquility. It feels peaceful. There is vibrancy. I was delighted to find that one of the residents is also a horse owner and rider.”

Describing the cottage, Lynda added, “We fell in love with the floor plan of the mid-sized cottage. We’re getting the optional trellis [pergola] for the back patio to make it a nice outdoor space. A couple of Adirondack chairs and a nice swing should make it very pleasant. We’re on the back side, the north, and will have a great view of the mountains and trees. Actually, all the cottages have great views!”

Also Sunrise Ridge reservees, Bruce and Linda Dwyer share the same enthusiasm as the Foxes for their new home. Having spent the past 53 years in Alexandria, VA, the Dwyers are moving earlier than originally planned due to the availability of the cottage. They appreciate that Kendal’s residents include a nice mix of local folks and those from a wider geographic area.

The Dwyers will have one of the new duplexes and liked the fact that they could pick and choose which upgrades to include in their new home. They really like their floorplan, which will have a front porch and back patio, with two different views and orientations. Bruce said, “It’s going to be bright, and I love the openness and the views.

Gosh, I can’t wait to get up in the morning and get a cup of coffee on the porch, and at night, have a beer on the patio and watch the sunset.”

Bruce and Nancy Summers, more recent residents of Lexington and once longtime residents of Richmond, became familiar with Kendal because they own a mountain property nearby. And as future residents, they are already well-immersed in the community. Not only does Bruce teach money and banking at Virginia Military Institute, but he serves on Kendal’s Board of Directors. Nancy also sings in the choral community.

Bruce and Nancy are self-proclaimed “strategic planners” who have been interested in Kendal for a long time. Bruce explains, “I think for both of us moving to Kendal provides an opportunity for life simplification, and the community is very attractive. We have friends here. The Quaker values are very important to us. One thing that is very important is staying active in the broader community.”

Let’s not forget Kendal’s close proximity to Lexington. This was the main “tipping point” for another future resident’s decision to move there.  As Caroline was exploring her options, she walked around the city and immediately fell in love with it. She enjoys the “friendly atmosphere” of Lexington, and says that “the nice thing about living in Lexington is being involved with people of all ages.”

Caroline looks forward to walking from her new home at Kendal to enjoy many of the city’s cultural activities, the assortment of restaurants, nice bookstores, and libraries. She eagerly anticipates joining a masters swim program in Lexington after many years away from the sport. And, she believes that her new cottage will suit her very well.

As of this posting, there are only three more cottages available. For more information about the new Sunrise Ridge cottages, please visit kalex.kendal.org/expansion.

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