Kendal at Lexington was established as Lexington Retirement Community, Incorporated (LRC) in March of 1995. LRC was formed by a group of citizens concerned that the Lexington-Rockbridge area was losing many of its “greatest natural treasures” as community leaders moved out of the area in search of retirement housing and health care. Through their diligent efforts and in collaboration with The Kendal Corporation, Kendal at Lexington opened its doors to the first residents on July 17, 2000.

ValuesandPracticesCovercopy_000Kendal at Lexington added the Benjamin Borden Health Center in October 2002 to complete the continuum of care. The health center serves both Kendal residents and the greater Lexington community.

Kendal at Lexington, like The Kendal Corporation and its other Kendal affiliates, is recognized as a not-for-profit leader in the field of care for older adults. We attribute our success to an explicit framework of values that directs the daily operation of our community. Based on values of the Religious Society of Friends, Kendal emphasizes:

Respect for the individual

Excellence in service

Social responsibility

Fiscal integrity

We believe that a spirit of inclusion and a culture of diversity enrich and strengthen our communities, people and services.

For more information about our Quaker-based value system, view Kendal’s Values and Practices booklet.