Ground-Breaking Changes for Continuing Care Retirement Community Kendal at Lexington

The Kendal Corporation begins $40M construction project to better serve Lexington community.

Lexington, VA (February 19, 2018) – Last Thursday, in the picturesque Shenandoah Valley, a vibrant community of nearly 200 independent senior residents, medical and continuing care providers, and their Lexington Virginia neighbors gathered for a long-awaited and highly celebrated ground-breaking ceremony to kick off a $40M renovation and expansion initiative. The project was designed to make life brighter and more homelike for residents, to make facilities friendlier to those who suffer from cognitive decline, and to provide a model work environment for Kendal’s highly skilled staff.

When this project is complete, the Borden Health Center will be the most-up-to-date skilled care nursing facility in the region and will continue to provide care to residents and regional neighbors alike. Currently, 80% of Borden admissions come from the general community and 40% of those are supported by Medicaid.

“We are proud of our long legacy of partnering with, and caring for, both our full-time community residents and our Lexington area neighbors,” Board Chair Bob Glidden said. “After the renovations, the residents and staff living and working in the skilled care and assisted living centers will enjoy bright, home-like settings with modern amenities and comforts, and we really want to get the word out that our facility is open to everyone.”

Additionally, the Webster Assisted Living Center and the Anderson Dining room will both be upgraded to increase Kendal’s legendary neighborhood community feel. The architects have reworked the existing footprint to enhance natural light and remove structural obstacles.

“In each planned renovation, we carefully considered the needs of our residents seeking to meet and exceed model care practices, even as expectations and opportunities for advancement continue to evolve. We work every day to ensure that Kendal at Lexington is the kind of place we would all choose as our home,” Mina Tepper, Executive Director at Kendal at Lexington said.

In addition to the care facility upgrades, the phase three Kendal expansion will produce thirty new independent living cottages, increasing the number of residential living opportunities by 25%.

To see Kendal expand to meet our original vision is truly remarkable,” Dianne Herrick, one of Kendal at Lexington’s original founders and a current full-time resident, said. “There is so much we now know about what it takes to provide a positive aging experience, and Kendal is at the cutting edge, delivering fulfilling experiences to all its residents. I’m just so excited for what comes next.”

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About the Kendal at Lexington Phase III project

Over the next two years, the Kendal campus will evolve to include a newly renovated Borden Health Center and Webster Assisted Living Center, an expanded Anderson Dining room, and thirty more independent living cottages.

Borden and Webster will continue to serve the greater Rockbridge community as well as Kendal’s contract residents during the renovation. But, over the next two to three years, renovations to our health care centers will make life brighter and more homelike for their residents, more friendly to those who suffer from cognitive decline, and will provide our wonderful staff a quality workplace.

Borden Health Center

Kendal at Lexington is proud to serve the entire Lexington/Rockbridge community through the Borden Health Center, a top-rated skilled nursing facility. The Borden Center is the only not-for-profit skilled care nursing facility in the area and more than 80% of Borden’s admissions are from the general community (20% of residents are also Kendal residents). About 40% of those residing in the Borden Center are supported by Medicaid. With the new facility enhancements this renovation will make the Borden Center the most up-to-date skilled care facility in our region.

Webster Assisted Living

The Webster Center is designed for residents who need some assistance with meals, medications, dressing and other activities of daily living and who benefit from the supervision of staff 24 hours a day. Like the renovations in the Borden Health Center, Webster is receiving an upgrade to increase the neighborhood community feel, enhance access to natural light and beautiful gardens, and remove structural obstacles to model residential care.

Sunrise Ridge Cottages

Thirty new cottages are also coming to Kendal at Lexington. This will increase the number of residential living opportunities by 25%. Kendal at Lexington’s 120 existing independent living residences are 100% occupied, and a long waiting list of prospective residents has formed. The new cottages on Sunrise Ridge will be an attractive addition to the Lexington community and their setting has been carefully planned. As of January 1, 2018, before construction has commenced, twenty-two of the thirty planned cottages have already been reserved.
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