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Celebrate Your Story Year-Long Series


Celebrating Your Story” showcases residents and guests sharing their experiences documenting history. As the excitement of genealogical discovery has come to the forefront with the digital age and DNA, many conversations have been sparked throughout families.  The Kendal at Lexington Culture

Celebrate Your Story: Kick-Off Event


Kendal Hall Be Inspired to Delve Into Your Family History. Panel Discussion Featuring Residents and Special Guests. Open to the public. Please RSVP.

VMI’s Memoir Project Partners with KaLex


with children or siblings and reminiscing about past experiences. Old photographs are also great fodder for writing ideas. With just a bit of motivation or encouragement, writing down personal stories is rewarding for both writer and reader. Celebrate Your Story Initiative Last fall, several events were

More Reasons to Celebrate Your Story With Kendal at Lexington


We’re now nearly four months in to the Culture and Entertainment committee’s year-long theme of “Celebrate Your Story: Exploring the History and Experiences That Shape Us.” Since our last write-up, the committee has been hard at work planning and hosting new events to inspire Kendal residents

The History of The News-Gazette


Kendal Hall For the past year, Kendal at Lexington’s Culture and Entertainment Committee has featured events designed to help residents and the greater Lexington/Rockbridge community embrace the power of history, story and connection. The final event in the year-long theme, dubbed “Celebrate YOUR

"My Story as an Author” with Laura Sassi


Celebrate YOUR Story: Exploring the History and Stories That Shape Us,” will be a talk with author Laura Sassi, daughter of a Kendal resident. Laura will share the journey of how she became a successful children’s book author of four published books. With stories such as “Love is Kind,” “Goodnight Manger

The Oral History of Kendal at Lexington


Celebrate YOUR Story: Exploring the History and Stories That Shape Us,” will take us through the oral history of Kendal at Lexington’s beginnings. Now celebrating their 25th year, the dream of a retirement community in Lexington began with a few passionate people who formed the Lexington Retirement

Getting Involved at Kendal:The Residents Association


Committee has followed the theme of “Celebrate YOUR Story: Exploring the History and Experiences That Shape Us.” You can read more about some of the events from earlier this year in this post. Another committee that’s gearing up for a busy season: The Welcoming Committee. With the opening

The Origins of Kendal at Lexington: When Vision, Persistence and Good Timing Came Together


in a panel moderated by Tom Camden and Ted Delaney this past November. As part of the “Celebrate YOUR Story: Exploring the History and Stories That Shape Us” theme put on by the Culture and Entertainment Committee, this event was designed to share Kendal at Lexington’s origin story, taking attendees from