It has now been about four-and-a-half months since Jan Bigelow arrived to take on the challenges of being the KaLex CEO.  What a time to make such a career change!  So many challenges:  A Pandemic!  A seemingly never-ending construction project!  The departure of the Borden Administrator for a (great) new career opportunity at an awkward time for KaLex.  The adoption of a new 5-year Strategic Plan.  And annual budget planning not far off (and now, as we write this, in full gear). Jan’s plate has been full to overflowing!

But, undeterred, she’s now engaged in a series of ten “Chats” with groups of residents, encouraging both residents and herself to become better acquainted.  Organized and hosted by RC members, up to 20 residents at a time, from different parts of the campus, gather with Jan in Kendal Hall for light refreshments and conversation.  At some of the very first such gatherings:

  • Jan mentioned that she likes to go on bike rides in this beautiful area.
  • Uncas McThenia told Jan a few of his favorite rides.
  • Jan also got some advice on places to hike from another group of residents.
  • And of course residents also asked Jan some questions – all part of the bi-directional “Getting to Know You.”

Jan also recently shared some of her observations at four months in a note to residents that included: “I am here because I undeniably love what I do… good and bad; the staff and residents are terrific; the many challenges keep me young and on my toes, and the future of KaLex is exciting and strong. The senior living industry is in an ever-changing flux with several challenges ahead. A solid strategic plan that took months to devise may not have all the right steps, post-COVID. What is next? We will never have all the answers, but our success will come from all of us working together to ensure that Kendal at Lexington is here for another 50 years and beyond. Happy 20th Anniversary KaLex! . . . It is an honor to be here serving the residents, the staff and the families of Kendal at Lexington.”

– – the editors – CONNECTIONS