More Parking Spaces Are On the Way

July 10 will see the start of the construction
of additional parking spaces in front of the
Anderson (main building) and the Borden Center
entrances. A total of 37 spaces will have been
added when the project is finished, in August or
early September if all goes as planned.
Mina Tepper, Kendal’s Executive Director,
described the project at the Residents Association
meeting of June 21. Work will be done
under the supervision of Herbie Martin, Director
of Operations.

“This is not the beginning of our major
renovation and expansion,” Mina emphasized.
The renovation/expansion project, a real biggie,
is scheduled for 2018 and 2019, and will involve
much work in both our health care centers (Webster
and Borden), the construction of thirty new
Independent Living cottages, an expansion of the
main dining area, and various other improvements.
See earlier issues of this newsletter
for information on these future developments, all
part of Kendal’s Master Plan.

In answer to a question from a resident about
timing, Mina explained that the new parking
spaces will be available well before the major
construction gets under way. As a result, any
resident or staff member whose usual parking
spot has been blocked by renovation/expansion
equipment (a cement mixer, say) will have a
place to go. The period between the Fourth of
July and Labor Day was chosen for the parking
project because the campus typically has fewer
visitors during these weeks.

All the work on the parking expansion will
take place on the Rockbridge County section of
the campus, not over the line into the City of
Lexington. The new spaces will be located in
and around the one-way circle near Sunnyside
House and in front of the main building. The
affected area, much of which is currently under
grass, will be leveled, retaining walls will be
built, and storm drainage will be taken care of.

Plenty of grass will remain, though. We won’t
have to look at an unbroken expanse of asphalt.
Cones will be set out as needed and crews
will direct traffic while work is in progress.
Residents will be kept informed on what to expect
via email and mailbox notices, as well as
updates on the Kendal website. People who regularly
visit the campus (attending classes in the
Fitness Center, for instance) will also get frequent

And, Mina added, a flyer will be distributed to
Kendal’s neighbors describing the work to be
done and emphasizing that this is not the start of
our major renovation project.
It’s just a bit of a preview, so to speak.

— Written by resident Jo McMurtry. Originally published in the July 2017 Residents’ Newsletter.