Kendal College to Offer “Living in Rockbridge County”

Kendal College to Offer
“Living in Rockbridge County”
Professor Sascha Goluboff, Professor of
Cultural Anthropology at W&L, will present a
three-part program on “Living in Rockbridge
County: Past, Present, and Future.” All
meetings will take place on Wednesdays at 4:30
in Kendal Hall. The dates are January 18 and
25, and February 1.

Kendal College programs are open to all
residents and staff, and to Marketing guests. (contact Marketing office for information)
Kendal residents will receive sign-up sheets
in their open mailboxes. There is no charge for
this program. Contact resident Sally Emory if
you have questions.

Professor Goluboff joined the W&L Sociology
and Anthropology department in 1999, and has
been department chair since 2015. She holds a
BA from Colgate University, and a master’s
degree and a Ph.D from the University of Illinois
at Urbana-Champaign.

The program touches on the variety of
research and teaching that Professor Goluboff
has done over the past ten years in the local
area. She has been interested in African
American spirituality and history, focusing
specifically on the legacies of slavery and
oppression. In teaching W&L students about
food, culture, and society, she has become
familiar with local foodways, particularly the
importance of local products within the global
marketplace. Also, through her interest in how
students communicate digitally with each other,
she has conducted research on the use of the
cell phone in dating on campus.

The titles for the talks are:

January 18, “Homeplace in Rockbridge County
(Past and Present).”

January 25, “Local Taste in Lexington.”

February 1, “Digital Life on Campus.”